How Embrace Laser Hair Removal to Achieve Optimal Results

Unwanted hair is statistically one of the most highly-sought reasons why individuals seek the professional services of cosmetic laser skin care centers. There’s no doubt that regular waxing and shaving can become both cumbersome and time consuming, especially when done on a daily basis.laser hair removal treatment

Further, there are specific problems that are common with certain types of hair. This is particularly the case in individuals with darker skin types. For instance, a condition called pseuofolliculitis barbi occurs when thick and curly facial hair is shaved. As the shaft of the hair grows back, it can result in a micro injury to the follicles. This results in painful and irritated areas on the skin, otherwise referred to as beard bumps.

Dark skin subjected to this repeated trauma and irritation can result in further problems associated with skin discoloration. This is called hyperpigmentation. So what’s the the solution? Simply by stunting the growth of hair follicles with specialized lasers can significantly reduce this problem. This is why laser hair removal procedures have become so popular of the course of the last several years.

Are All Laser Hair Removal Devices The Same?

Not all laser hair removal devices are the same. Certain wavelengths or light concentrations may be too aggressive for certain skin types, such as dark skin. This is why it is so critical to work with a licensed and trained professional or cosmetic laser skindcare center before treatment is administered. Once the proper laser hair removal treatment is discussed, patients are often astonished to see unwanted hair become drastically reduced.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Beware of laser skincare centers and professionals that promise complete and permanent hair removal. Hair found in certain areas of the body may be more easily targeted and reduced but never removed permanently after just one treatment. In most cases, upwards to five or six sessions are required to see permanent results that last.

This also hinges on the area of the body being treated. For instance, underarm hair responds much quicker to laser hair removal treatments compared to other areas of the body. This is directly associated with the overall growth cycle of the hair, as no two parts of the body have the same hair growth cycle.

When discussing treatment options with a laser skincare professional, it may be advised to schedule treatment sessions in weekly or biweekly intervals, depending on the area of the body being treated. They also might advise you on certain ways to prepare for laser hair removal treatment in the most effective manner possible.

How Do Get The Best Results from Laser Hair Removal?

The hair being target is only affected by the contact of concentrated light energy and only while the hair is in its growth phase. This underscores the importance of undergoing regular laser hair removal sessions in order to achieve the best outcome over time.

In some cases, by waiting too long in between laser hair removal treatments, patients risk not effectively targeting all hairs in the growth phase. This can result in it taking longer to achieve your desired results. During your initial consultation, your laser skincare center will discuss in full your treatment plan and ensure you understand all aspects and procedures for optimal results.

In addition to laser hair removal treatment itself, there are a number of factors that lead to realizing optimal results. A few least words of wisdom are to make sure to share with your laser skin care professional if you plan to travel to a tropical climate in the near future after treatment. This is because prolonged and intense sun exposure too close to treatment can result in issues. Also, share with your professional any medications you may be taking.

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